Sunday, August 13, 2006

the blue-suede shoe jay sings for i me me not you too, and other seemless drivel

from a frozen lake of ice uncolored and dotted white mess-work a neck towered as a chimney, smoky perm, as cottony furls, curled into their burnt tips, bobbing, bobbing, bobbing, the lace scratch itched pinching something awful her throat, bobbing, and she tugged at the new collar, humming as she played. is it really ever so bad? her heart pounded with thoughts of Glen Gould billowing through the lemon-suckled lips, sending swinging harmonics through a so-called invisible retainer and the remaining strings of a wholesome breakfast virbrating in ecastacy, straining the well-rehearsed molars, while plunking the MASH theme with her pointer - one note, two note, pain… less. terrible collar, beautiful shirt. pain… full. lovely clothes are worth… it, but I still want to… change. Da-dumdumdum… dum… dum… …. … dumdum…. De..wait.. de.. no… da… ah! Dum!

i forget what comes next

"Far away from here lives a crazy lady called Daisy O'Grady..."
- Vivienne Goodman, Guess What


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