Sunday, February 05, 2006

So just take your pen, sign your name


Blogger joker's said...

your blog made my day. i'm doing my honnors in visual anthropology of the body, its all very disembodied really.i cannot find the freakin dimensions of this engraving and i am spazzing out on a strangers blog page. at least this is something interesting to do.your left upper wincing eyebrow looks like my friend marguerite. she is an artist,currently making sculptures of children out of milkbottles. there is this song by regina spektor where she recalls how she found a strangers wallet and looked at the contents to try and find out who the person was.i guess i found your wallet. if my english is weird this is not because i suffer from dyslexion, but due to the fact that i am afrikaans. i shall now go outside,drink coffee and hum Bob Dylan while doting on the significance and melancholia of the human body.Thank you.

4:18 AM  

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